Psychologists in Montreal
specializing in anxiety, stress, phobias
treating related problems

Members of the « Ordre des psychologues du Québec »

Montreal anxiety clinic is directed by Alain Berger, psychologist. The clinic was founded in 2004 and won first prize for the Coup de Chapeau contest, organized by Forum économique de Verdun, in the category of Young Promoters. Moreover, the clinic received the "Jeunes Promoteurs" grant from the "Centre Local de Développement de Verdun". 

Our mission :

  • To provide a full range of services focussed around screening, evaluation and treatment of anxiety disorders;
  • To offer evaluation and psychotherapy services to various clientele (children/teens, adults, families);
  • To apply scientifically recognized and clinically tested psychological treatments;
  • To bring together psychologists which their varied expertise also enable them to treat related problems and to offer a personalized service adapted to client needs.
  • To include, with client consent, the collaboration of all professionals involved in one’s case in order to provide a quality service.